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Admissions Process

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Step1: Visit Us.

Before applying for admission, it is extremely helpful for prospective students and their parents to spend some time at the school talking with staff and other students. During the school year, this starts with a brief tour of the school (Monday through Thursday) and discuss the program with a staff member. If the student and parent feel that Wellsprings would be a good fit, arrangements are made for the student to spend an entire day in classes, to experience the life of the school and to provide more of a concrete basis for deciding whether Wellsprings is the best choice for success.

During the summer, we encourage students and parents to visit the school for a tour, during which you can see the facilities and get a ‘feel’ for the daily life of the school through seeing the layout of our classrooms, student artwork, etc. A staff member will describe our program in detail and answer any questions. Periodically there are Open Houses held during the summer, with the same opportunity for more families at once.

Please call the office at 541-686-1223 to schedule a time.


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