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Welcome to Individualized
Education and Lifelong Learning

Wellsprings Friends School is a place where the education of an individual student is as treasured as the interconnectedness of our community. An independent, alternative high school with a focus on creating lifelong learners, Wellsprings is home to a dedicated team of teachers that is fully committed to the academic and socio-emotional growth of each student. How truly fortunate we are to count accomplished musicians, folk artisans, conservationists, authors, researchers, martial artists and performers amongst our educators and administrative staff. At Wellsprings we believe in developing the entire student, we are unique in our approach and thorough in our pursuit of providing a quality education to the eager and capable youth we serve in our familial community.

Welcome to our school.

Dante Zuñiga-West

Head of School

Why Wellsprings?

Wellsprings Friends School fills a niche in educational offerings of our community that no other school does, as we combine the following elements in a unique blend:



At Wellsprings Friends School, we prioritize inclusivity and provide a nurturing environment where every student feels valued and supported. We celebrate diversity and warmly welcome LGBTQIA+ students, ensuring they have a safe space to express themselves and thrive academically. We are dedicated to fostering inclusivity, ensuring that all students feel a sense of belonging and find the support they need to succeed.



Our school embraces students with unconventional learning styles, tailoring our approach to meet their individual needs and foster their personal growth. We understand the challenges faced by students with social anxiety, and we create a compassionate atmosphere that encourages their participation and empowers their social development.



At Wellsprings Friends School, we believe in the power of community. Our students actively engage with local businesses and non-profit organizations, forming meaningful connections and gaining valuable experiences through volunteering and events. We foster a sense of social responsibility, encouraging our students to actively contribute to the betterment of their community while developing essential life skills along the way.

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