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Starting Off Strong

We are officially one month into the new school year. With a full house of new and returning staff and students, Wellsprings Friends School has been bustling with creativity, curiosity and learning. Students have explored new and different experiences through field trips, speakers, and a wonderful selection of new classes for the Fall term.

Community Builidng Days

This week Willamette Restoration came to campus to work with our students and staff to make seedlings to plant around campus and the green areas around school. Students planted native seeds such as Yarro and Oregon Sunshine! They had a great time planting and getting muddy in the sun!

[Picture 1: Students planting native Oregon plant seeds; Picture 2: Students and teachers planting together; Picture 3: Students planting and enjoying the sun]

Last week the students were able to visit the Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene. Here they learned about the background and personalities of the birds and the work that the CRC does; as well as meet some of the birds!

[Picture 1: Wellsprings student with bird wings at the Cascades Raptor Center; Picture 2: Students touching a raptor claw; Picture 3: Students listening to a Cascades Raptor Center presentation; Picture 4: Wellsprings group photo; Picture 5: Cascades Raptor Center raptor presentation for students]

Another big thank you goes out to local artist, Jud Turner, who welcomed our students to his Oblivion Factory for a tour. Jud is a metal work artist creating stunning chromed metal sculptures made from recycled and found materials. His work can be seen in museums across the Pacific Northwest as well as throughout Eugene--his heron sculpture is located under the pavillon of the new River Front Parkway.

[Upper left to right: Wellsprings students and teachers posed with Jud Turner wings made of butter knives; Lower left to right: Students posing with wings and viewing the Oblivion Factory]

Helen Park, Founder of Wellsprings Friends School, was a guest speaker for our Community Building Day as well! She talked about the legacy of Nobel Peace Day in Eugene, recruiting students to make signs of the American Nobel Peace Prize winners at the event that took place on September 25th. Student volunteers for the event even got to meet Mayor Lucy Vinis!

[Picture 1: Wellsprings students posed with informational sandwich boards; Picture 2: Teacher, Bob Schlichting, and student; Picture 3: Wellsprings founder, Helen Park, and students working together to make signs; Picture 4: Students with signs]

[Pictured: Wellsprings students, Moss, Evey, and Madison with Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis at the Nobel Peace Day Celebration.]


New Classes for Fall Term

Fall term class offerings include photography, art, and homesteading class. Here's a look a what some of our students have been up to.

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