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How is Wellsprings different from other schools?

Why Wellsprings

Wellsprings Friends School fills a niche in educational offerings of our community that no other school does, as we combine the following elements in a unique blend:

  • All students feel welcomed and valued

  • A strong sense of community

  • Teachers who connect well with teenagers and are mentors as well as teachers 

  • Consistent individualized attention

  • A safe place for LGBTQIA+, transgender, and gender fluid students

  • Creative, age-integrated small classes

  • Ability to accommodate many learning styles 

  • Considerable freedom of choice

  • Free School Meals

  • Comfortable classrooms and free school supplies

  • Low student to teacher ratio

  • Low stress academics, minimal homework

Why might Wellsprings be a good fit?

  • Thrive in small classroom sizes with lower student-to-teacher ratios

  • Require 1 on 1 attention from the instructor

  • Engage in Independent Student Projects focused on personal interests

  • Benefit from an individualized curriculum

  • Enjoy a sense of community through daily all-school activities

  • Desire to gain connections through volunteering and engaging with local businesses and non-profit organizations in the Eugene area

  • Seek a community in which they feel emotionally and physically safe

Who we serve:

The one theme our students have in common is that their prior educational experience was not fulfilling their needs, academically, socially or emotionally. Each student has a different reason, or combination of reasons for being at Wellsprings. Some of those factors are:

  • Being drawn to our friendly, supportive community

  • Previously homeschooled, and seeking a similar, small and safe environment

  • Have an unconventional learning style

  • Experiences of social anxiety in larger settings

  • Have had negative experiences with “clique culture” or bullying behavior

  • Previously expelled from school or rejected by others

  • Credit deficiencies

  • Difficulty meeting some academic paces

  • Has left school for an extended period, and ready to re engage

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