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Wellsprings Friends School Community Meeting

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Community Building

 “Community Building” is a required credit class like no other. It involves genuine participation in daily life at Wellsprings. Students here are part of the foundation and fabric of the community by participating in community government, helping with general housekeeping, and creating a supportive and affirming environment for everyone. 

Community Building includes our daily Morning Circle for announcements and conversation; a weekly 15-minute Silent Meeting for personal reflection and community oneness; and Friday Activities that include a variable array of educational, experiential, and recreational afternoons, allowing us to interact with one another in differing contexts.

Term 1 Friday Activities

9/9        Laser Tag or Pool at Putters
9/16      Mt Pisgah Guided Walk
9/23      Community Meeting & Art
9/30      Educational Presentation
10/7      Ropes Course
10/21    Community Meeting
10/28    Corn Maze
11/4      Registration for Term 2 Classes